One of the reasons you are reading this article could be because you are struggling to save, right? Well, it’s not just you.

Many people struggle to save, and somehow it’s pretty normal considering the economic condition we are in, but it is still important to set aside some money if you are looking at gaining some financial freedom.

But the problem for most people, Is knowing exactly how to save.

Today I will be sharing some guides that can help you achieve this financial goal.

Why you might be struggling to save money

1. No proper motivation to save money

One of the biggest reasons you are likely not able t save today is that you do not have enough reason to do so. The first step to overcome this obstacle is to give yourself a reason. 

This gives your clarity and even allows you to save for multiple things at the same time for example I have a savings plan for retirement (retirement is not anywhere close for me), savings for a vacation, tuition fee, and even savings for an unborn child. With these plans, I am always encouraged to keep saving no matter how small.

Zimvest Mobile App allows you to create goals and even do your savings automatically without even thinking about it, Click here to download from Android or Apple store.

2. No Savings Budget

Budgeting has a big role to play when it comes to savings, without budgeting, setting aside money to even add to your plans you have will be very difficult. 

So first thing first is to create a budget plan, this helps you know how much money you need for your expenses could be weekly or monthly, and then you would know how much should be left for savings. 

To abide by this budget, you would need to put aside your savings immediately you have some sort of income, that way you know the rest of the money you are not saving can go to those expenses that you need to cover and you can stay on your savings budget without a hitch.

3. Fear of Missing out (FOMO)

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is that feeling that you have that other people are having more fun and living better lives than you are.

It’s the devil’s thought my friend.

It’s good to always want to have fun, but you and me both know how it’s like to just order more drinks and dessert when we are in the fun mood and then find our your pockets are empty a few hours later even if at the unset, you plan to have an affordable outing.

To overcome this, you need to be more disciplined, know when to say no when socializing and always try to stick to a budget, This will allow you to spend less at one event and have more events to go to which helps you overcome FOMO.

4. You give in to impulse buys

If you enter a shop or a mall and you are not tempted to buy more than you wanted to – then those shop workers are not doing their jobs well.

Shop managers do all they can to ensure that you spend all your money to the last dime whenever you enter their shops, this is the reason why they display one of their most tempting items first, so while you are looking for that dress or shirt you want to buy, you start seeing other things you won’t mind having.

Now that’s temptation, temptations give room for impulse buying. While it may seem like it’s difficult to fight these temptations, see how easy it is to stop impulse buying and save money.

5. You can access your savings too easily

This is something I never thought mattered because I know I am very disciplined when it comes to keeping money attached and not spending it.

But at some point, it became a problem for me due to my desire to always help. In times of need, I realize I often dip into my savings just to help someone at that moment without thinking twice, and this is because just like my expenses I can easily access my savings. 

So what I begin to do is keep my savings where I cannot easily access the funds. This helped my savings habit and even made me manage my expenses more with the thought of “if I finished spending all this money, OYO is my case”.

One of the great features of the zimvest app is that it helps you put this in check, you will not be able to withdraw your savings till a particular set of time.

That way withdrawing your saving at every push is impossible.

With time, you can overcome these struggles, it might not be all at once, but following these steps, you would get used to the saving pattern. 

The rewards you see at the end of your first savings will even motivate you more.

Get started! Start saving today!