If you are one of those people that really dettied” this December, chances are you spent a chunk of your cash during the holidays and now you are probably left with peanuts. To make matters worse, it’s January, that time of the year when one month feels like 100years, literally. 

So the question is, how exactly are you going to survive the next couple of weeks considering what’s left in your account and knowing how slow the month of January can be? 

As usual, I got you. Just pay attention, okay.

Avoid ‘Outside’

“… It’s so cold outside, my brother

I don’t wan pull no trigger

I just wan dey for some kind place

I don’t want no wahala…” 

– Timaya & Buju

To be honest, the facts speak for themselves. Especially in this Lagos, the moment you step outside, every little thing is debit alert. Once you step your feet outside and sniff that air, the next thing you will hear is “Savings or Current”? 

So please, except it is necessary, you have no business going outside. Unless of course, you can afford to. But if you could, you wouldn’t be reading this now, would you?

Negotiate to work remotely at least till the end of January

If you don’t work remotely, now is a good time to push that agenda before transport fare ends for you. Negotiate to work from home with your boss. If not for the full year, at least for a few months or until January ends. Who knows how long January will take. Sighs.

Use the bus, dears

If your attempt at negotiating remote work conditions fails, that means you’ll be going to the office this month, and trust me, it’s not beans. 

I am sure you know how much it costs to move around in this part of the world. If you must go to the office at all, avoid all manners and forms of ride-hailing services. Public buses are not entirely out of fashion and more importantly, they don’t cost a fortune. 

All you need to do is leave the house on time to give room for unforeseen events like a bus breaking down in the middle of a highway. 😀

Cook your meals

If you are fond of ordering food online or visiting fancy restaurants and eating out, you need to stop doing that this January. Start cooking your meals, if possible make use of firewood and charcoal because even the price of gas is no joke at this point.

Avoid streaming anything with your data

This one is for people that are always streaming IG lives, YouTube videos, Netflix, games, everything. Like you don’t know these things zap data. Haven’t you heard that data is the new oil? So why are you streaming stuff online like you have millions in your bank account?

That’s it, guys. They’re just a few tips, but trust me, if you follow them, you’ll be thanking me come 31st January.

Oh oh, don’t forget. To avoid stories that touch, temporarily block any family or friend that is likely to ask you for money at this period. 

Honestly, the last thing you need is for one younger sister that is still collecting pocket money to call you and ask for an urgent 2k. Don’t worry, you can unblock them once you get your January salary.

Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you. 😉