I have great memories of Christmas. I remember it as a time for getting new shoes and new clothes. I also used to get excited about meeting other kids at the Christmas party organized by the Church. We got gifts from our parents and visited Santa Claus.

Those were the days. We were sure of what we wanted as kids for Christmas. We didn’t always get what we wanted, but our innocence ensured that we appreciated every gift, no matter how simple.

These days, getting gifts for people has become a task that requires planning and money. Last Christmas, you probably got that special person a bottle of Sauvage perfume, and he/she is now used to the scent. A bottle of perfume won’t hold the same power or excitement anymore.

He already bought himself a PS4, so a console has been removed from the equation. For the lady, she has the latest wig. Buying her a new one is not quite the thing to do.

So what else can you gift a person on Christmas?

Buying shares for someone you love is an unconventional idea. It may not create excitement or immediate appreciation, especially if they are not kids.
But it is a gift that holds a promise. It is likely going to surprise the recipient and get them thinking. It lets them know you are thinking about their future while also showing your creativity.

You can also consider what the recipient likes and buy them shares in that area. For example, you can buy shares of a beer brand for a person who loves drinking that brand. It reminds them that they can invest in what they enjoy.

A sound financial advisor should be able to help find such shares. You can also start planning for this surprise before Christmas. This will help you get the best value and also to find the right asset management company to help you plan towards this.

Buying shares as a gift for teenagers also sends a message. It puts their mind on a path towards an investment culture. One they can grow with and build upon. Investment can become a habit that leads to financial liberation for the kids you introduce it to.

Getting the best investment options with the best yield is something a financial advisor or asset manager can do. This is more so if they have your best interest at heart.

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