You must be familiar with movies in which protagonists first experience failures until they meet old gurus who put them through the fundamentals of survival to take on what lies ahead. Do Chinese action films come to mind? Something like that.

Well, life itself is pretty much so. It’s always safe to start a journey into the unknown with someone or people who can help you safely navigate the twists and turns. You don’t have to make costly errors before getting it right in whatever investment you have in view.

Flanked with a wealth of experience and numerous awards to show for it, we at Zimvest can proudly and competently take the role of the guru and give you useful tips on how to achieve your investment dreams for the coming year.

Now pay attention to these investment pitfalls which you should avoid in 2022:

Late start

In the new year, never put till later what you can do immediately. Yes, time is money. And procrastination is the thief of time. Remember that adage? So start executing your concluded plans early as long as the resources are available.

The danger in starting big

Don’t get carried away with the availability of resources. One common thing with established entrepreneurs is that most of them started small. Now ‘small’ could translate into what you can handle at the moment moneywise, even if you have all the resources. You don’t want to hit the ground running and fall like a pack of cards.

Meeting the wrong people

There are scammers everywhere! You wouldn’t want to start on a clean slate with regrets or stories that touch. Be careful whom you meet for investment suggestions. You should never go to a doctor whose office flowers are dead. 

Heavy withdrawals

Have you noticed that there is always a propensity to spend more when ‘excess’ physical cash is available? One way to avoid this is to withdraw only as much as you need. But please don’t get it mixed up: you also need some money for unforeseen miscellaneous expenditures.


Name someone you know who achieved much with fits and starts? 

Are you still thinking? Forget it. Much of your progress in business depends on how well you stick to the blueprints and follow through.

However, that you have to be consistent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be flexible. Hey, not everything is cut in stone. Restrategise if the so-called blueprint isn’t working. 

There is a lot you can achieve in the year 2022

Let’s help you hit it big financially in ways you never imagined. 

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