Are you tired of earning substantial income and having almost nothing to show for it every month? 

Trust me, I know that haunting feeling of wastefulness that comes with spending as if you earn for someone else. It’s a sort of slavery you live in but find hard to realize and break free from.

But you’re very lucky we met my friend. 

I’m delighted to give you back your financial liberty with a budget method that produces amazing results on just one condition: 

Follow me.

See, the truth is that failing to plan equates to planning to fail. This is evergreen and runs through every aspect of life, especially finance. But you need to come up with a plan that works in the first place and by this, I mean a superb budget structure otherwise called the 50-30-20 spending rule. 

Don’t be scared; this is not one of those mathematics topics you hate. The figures simply represent aspects of your living cost on which your income is spent. 

They are:


My friend, to be safe, you shouldn’t go beyond 50% of your income in taking care of the ‘inevitables’ such as bills, food, healthcare, etc. But mind you, certain needs can be carried forward if they are not so pressing at the moment. 


After dealing with your needs, you NEED to advise yourself and go lower with your spending in the area of wants, like pleasure trips, another wristwatch, more pairs of shoes and clothes, the latest phones…you know, the extras you can do without. But if you must be vain (I don’t mean to be rude, please) try not to go beyond 30% of your money on these.


You’re the one working the long hours, right? Then you should cut for yourself a slice of the dough. That’s your savings. Don’t ever forget to pay yourself; you deserve it. Keep back at least 20% of your income for the future.

If you add up the percentages, you’ll arrive at 100%. By spending your full income with this method, you won’t have to borrow to get by or be stranded in certain emergencies. 

Are you expecting me to say more? Naa, we’re done. It’s that simple.

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