In a time of financial uncertainties, it is wise to save your hard-earned cash for whatever you have in view. But wouldn’t you like to make more cash from your capital instead of just stashing it somewhere ‘safe’? Sounds inviting right? But before you jump at the second offer, you need to consider the risks involved in line with your capacity to deal with them.

I understand the dilemma you’re in right now. So let me help you through it.

Before we make hasty conclusions about which is better between savings and investments, let’s first make cases for them.

Savings and Investments


Technicalities aside, savings generally has to do with putting away some money for a planned future. A greater percentage of salary earners and entrepreneurs, including you, have this inclination. At this point, I’m fighting the temptation to use the cliche, ‘saving for the rainy day’; oh goodness, I just fell for it! But that’s what saving is majorly about: getting financially ready for your sweet dreams or nightmares.

How much you want to save and the length of time you wish to keep the saving spree going is basically up to you depending on the set goal(s). 

Among other benefits, one good thing about saving money is that it sets you on a financial journey personal achievement, apart from the fact that separating between needs and wants becomes your default thinking method.


Did I hear you say this is better? Just continue with me and find out in the end if you guessed right.

No argument — investment is simply an awesome idea. It is one of the surest ways to get to your financial destination faster. Can I get an approving nod here? Ok, thanks. Considering the fluctuating exchange rate and the increase in the prices of basic things of life (no need to mention them), relying only on one source of income could be a recipe for disaster. 

For a lot of persons, because of the juicy returns involved, investments are even a better option than the monthly rewards from the regular 9-5 job.

The right decision

Now let’s get into making the right choice between savings and investments. Guess what? Combining both savings and investments is possible at Zimvest. Yes, you can keep your money safe with us while we make it earn more money for you.

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