The role of an investment advisor is just like that of a confidant – they know all your secrets and intentions. For such a delicate role, you need to be careful who you entrust such responsibility to.

Before you take all your financial burdens to a supposed ‘Expert’, here are some factors we feel you should look out for before you make that move:


It’s not only during job applications one is expected to showcase years of experience before being considered. The amount of time the investment advisor has been in that business is required as it says a lot about the organization’s competences, strengths and weaknesses. The more years the advisor has spent, the more rest assured you should become, and vice versa.


Investment today is not only about how viable the product is, trust and credibility should be one of the key factors to look out for when choosing an investment advisor. With the increased spate of people losing money to illegal and unregulated investments, you need to ensure that any investment you uptake is credible enough to put your money on.


As the popular saying goes “Time is money”. For every second that your money works for you, something (profit) must count for it. For this to happen, you need to stake your money on assets and products that are true to every word your investment advisor make. If your investment will mature in 6 months, when that time comes, you need to see your cash in hand.

Tailored approach

For any investment you hear about, it’s important you ask the right questions to ascertain the validity of the product. The best answers often come with a clear-cut explanation of how your money is made as well as how you can redeem or continue your investment. Every investment advisor you have should give you clear cut answers to whatever questions you have in mind.

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